Introduction: America's change of heart on same-sex marriage 

In the media, we are constantly being exposed to a different range of topics. Most of these are issues related to politics as well as society as a whole. It has taken years for the subject of gay marriage to become regularly accepted in American culture. It was always important to some, but not important to enough people. With the court ruling in 2015, it has been a trailblazer for the inspiration of television series as well as being covered by the news. 


To analyze how same-sex couples are treated in the media, my first paper looks to prove the role that news journalism had in changing public opinion on same-sex marriage and how it has changed the opinions of policy makers as well as the vote of the American people. In my second paper, I looked at how gay marriage is represented through fictional television series and it's effect on society. All documents from this project are linked below, hope you enjoy. 

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