Throughout this semester, I've covered the topic of same-sex marriage in both of my papers. When we first picked topics, I had thought that I had known a majority of what there was to know about same-sex marriage in the media and how gay characters were portrayed in some of my favorite shows, however, I learned quickly that the subject was much more than simple. A lot of the sources that cover this issue do so in a manner that is really blunt and forthcoming and in a way, I suppose I wasn't completely prepared for that. In fact, because of articles like a lot of the ones I read, I was hesitant to even cover same-sex marriage for my project, as it can be a sensitive subject. I'm glad I did though because I felt like I gained insight into what these individuals go through and how their reality can be used as a part of a show just for the sake of making the plot more interesting. I do see though that the way same-sex couples are being depicted in recent media, is more favorable and will only get better as television and journalism continues. 


As for my opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage, ever since I was young I've considered myself a huge advocate for equality and personally have always seen same-sex marriage as a topic that should never have even been debated. The research I did for this project gave me insight though into how much influence that the media has on society and vice versa. It was intriguing, yet slightly frightening to me how news media was able to sway the opinions of so many people to change their views on the issue. Rather than really focusing on the topic, I began to contemplate my media consumption and how it has effected my views and how I swing on politics.