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Cabo Breakers Campaign
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Marketing problem: The typical spring break location when students think of going to Mexico is Cancun. The problem is attempting to get more traffic of spring breakers to Cabo San Lucas, which is another part of Mexico that’s home to a ton of different hotels and fun nightlife. A lot of the hotels in the area, particularly the ones overlooking the arches, typically only end up having families or couples staying there. So this plan would be to get more college kids to go to these places.

Potential audience:

Demographics: The potential audience would be college kids looking to go on Spring Break, so college aged 18-22. There is no particular economic class that I’m looking at, basically, just the average college kid balling on a budget.

Psychographics: are basically students looking to have fun that are looking for an affordable place to go, New England students.

Promotional Marketing Media Vehicles: Virtual brochure to use on social media, that could be printed out as a regular brochure for colleges, banner ad

Cabo Breakers Brochure
Cabo Breakers Ad 1
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