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What's Brewin "Bro Date" Campaign 
bro dates 1

Marketing problem: Whats Brewin is a small cafe in Beverly, MA that sells a variety of crazy flavors of hot and iced coffee. The problem is they are really small and don’t have much advertising going for them, they do not well know yet. Since the coffee has a good reputation with is current customers, hopefully, this would help people find out about it

Potential audience:

Demographics - 18-22 college boys, that go to the surrounding schools like Endicott, Salem State, and Gordon.

Psychographics - likes to drink coffee, wants to adventure with different kinds of flavors of coffee, likes supporting small businesses, want to go to a place with friends (bros) casually.

Promotional Marketing Media Vehicles: The poster ads would be posted around Beverly, distributed to the surrounding college campuses. One of which is specialized for Endicott specifically.

bro dates 2
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